Video mapping is a technique that uses lighting and projection so as to create optical illusions on the object - the object. Object - the object is a visual will change from usual form into a new form of different and very fantastic. Visual changes occurred from a projection that displays digital video graphics to an object, object, or field.

Video Process Mapping
Usually the projection - the projection is a manipulation of the forms which have previously been made ​​using the software / software 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional. In addition to be made using the software, the projection can also be derived from shooting video or footage that has been specially created earlier. So you could say the video mapping is an art installation that combines software and hardware. The principle behind the video mapping technology is simple. Some video projectors controlled by a computer is used to project images or videos to a desired surface. From the surface to be projected will be detected a few points and then be mapped into the computer. To create a surface into an interactive, this mapping can then be layered - layered with video content, still images, live video feeds, logos, branding, and others - others. By manipulation of these projections, the way we look towards the object, object, or that field will change. Video mapping has one basic requirement that should not be violated, ie either in total darkness objects, objects, or areas to be highlighted and the environment around the object, object, or field. By meeting these basic requirements, size, shape, stationary or moving objects, objects, or fields that will be projected not a problem.

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